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At Commnia we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional product that aligns with your business goals to be better, faster, smarter. That’s why our team is your team helping you drive your projects forward.
Gina Yazbek Founder Commnia Buildtools Australia

Gina Yazbek


Since starting Buildtools in 1999, I have been passionate about developing a product in the technology space to help cure my curiosity for databases. That curiosity became a business vision after being approached by a construction company to create a solution for Tendering and Document Control. That company became my first client and are still using our software. 

Today, my team of over 25 developers, designers and personnel continue to drive my dedication to think outside the box. We have evolved the product from the desktop to the cloud, built a beautiful app for site-management mobility and managed to grow Buildtools into a leading name for the Australian construction industry.

This year, we celebrate our milestones with a rebrand. Commnia is what the future is all about. We are bringing you a new, sophisticated way of communicating and collaborating on all your construction projects. With a new look and refined functionality, Commnia builds on the core values of transparency and compliance to empower you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Let’s build the future together.

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