Document Control

Working across multiple projects? We have you covered with a dashboard to view all project files that are Pending Approval or Pending Submittal. A click of a button has everyone updated.

Auto Revised and Pending Documents Dashboard on Commnia construction software
Revision History

The power of the Document Matrix combined with The Smart Grid™ gives your projects remarkable revision control. This duo ensures your team are always working off the very latest drawings and files.

Document Matrix

Reduce the time it takes to manage documents with pre-defined rules. This will ensure you are sending out the latest, updated documents without the need to manually select each and every document against each and every recipient.

Auto Transmittals

Use the Company Dashboard view to see what Pending Documents need to be sent out today. By simply clicking the notification, the system automatically creates the grid, pre-selects all the documents and the recipients, ready for you to create a transmittal at the click of a button.

Let our software speak for itself and find out why we are different.

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