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Designed specifically for the Australian construction industry, Commnia’s Inbox takes you further than any regular mail service provider could, and helps your team communicate effectively and efficiently.


Monitor the status of your emails with in-built registers for every contractual document such as RFI’s, Delays, Variations, Extensions of Time, Transmittals and Tenders.

Document Categories

Email forms change based on the selected document category, e.g. a Delay Notice category will include delay duration and steps taken to minimise delay.


Attach hundreds of files to a single email. Choose items from the Document Register, Commnia Drive or your computer/device.

Simple Approvals

Approve or reject documents directly from the email, with approved files automatically uploaded to the Document Register. 


Reports are automatically generated by the system to help you better manage your project and company correspondence.


Access history and download tracking to keep everyone accountable. No more “I never saw the email” excuses.

Due Dates

Set due dates for days remaining and outstanding to be displayed, helping your team stay on track.

Category Changes

Change categories as your email progresses. Eg, an RFI to a Design Change to a Delay Notice. 

Highlights of Commnia's Inbox

• Attach hundreds of documents of any file type to a single email.
• Upload images and markup directly from the email.
• Responses automatically saved to the Commnia Inbox, even if they are sent from a different mail service like Gmail and Outlook.
• Transparency across your internal team to keep the project on track if someone is absent or leaves the company.
• 10 year guarantee: all data is saved for 10+ years to provide legal proof of emails and protect your business against litigation.


Emails sent through Commnia Inbox, year to date.


Average mins saved per day by using Commnia Inbox vs. a regular mail service provider.


Highest number of documents attached to a single email.

Seamless integration from with our simple Outlook Plugin

commnia plugin to integrate with microsoft outlook

Our new Outlook plugin lets you save your emails to the relevant projects in Commnia, freeing up your Inbox and automatically storing them under the right categories.

Easy Exports

Individual folders and subfolders of emails are exported into Commnia quickly and stored securely.

Responses Saved

Complete records of emails are stored, with responses saved automatically in relevant categories. 

Email Collaboration

Export a single email or an entire project-related folder into Commnia, giving your company’s internal users complete transparency across the project.

See the Inbox in action.

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